Federal Re-Assumption of Criminal Jurisdiction under the Tribal Law and Order Act: The White Earth Experience

Upcoming training: January 31, 2014 from 8:30am – 4:00pm at the Catamaran Hotel, San Diego, CA

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute and California Indian Legal Services are hosting this one-day training with presentations by representatives from the White Earth Nation. This training will focus on the provisions of the Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) that allow tribes, under Public Law 280 jurisdiction, to request the federal government re-assume certain criminal jurisdiction on the tribe’s reservation. The morning session will include information on Public Law 280 and the TLOA followed by an afternoon presentation by tribal representatives from the White Earth Nation, the only tribe whose request has been granted for federal re-assumption of jurisdiction under Section 221 of the TLOA. This training is for tribes that may be interested in submitting a formal request for re-assumption to the Office of Tribal Justice or are interested in learning more about the re-assumption process.

Participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of TLOA Section 221
  • Gain a better understanding of other sections of TLOA that are relevant to Public Law 280 tribes
  • Learn about the White Earth Nation’s process to secure federal jurisdiction
  • Review White Earth’s request to the Office of Tribal Justice
  • Organize into working groups to develop an action plan for pursuing federal criminal jurisdiction


There is no registration fee. Space is limited and so pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Registration form

at: http://law.und.edu/tji/_files/docs/regform-42012.pdf

This event is held in conjunction with the Tribal Judicial Institute’s (TJI) training on Tribal Law and Order Act Enhanced Sentencing and Prosecuting DUI Offenders in Tribal Court TLOA. For more information on this larger TJI event, see: http://law.und.edu/tji/_files/docs/regform-42012.pdf

Event Location:

Catamaran Resort Hotel

3999 Mission Blvd

San Diego, CA 92109


Room block Group Code: Tribal Judicial Institute (rate of $139 per night)

For questions, please contact Heather Valdez Singleton at heather@tlpi.org 323-650-5467.

Please note: The formal Bureau of Justice Assistance approval for this event is pending.

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