Water Study

This project aims to unravel the legal
complexities of water rights in order to
empower California Tribes with the
knowledge of their various rights to
water in California.

Water is an essential cultural, spiritual, and economic resource for California Indians.

The Full Report and Findings Coming Soon

Understanding The Landscape Of California Water Rights

This study provides a detailed overview of the legal and factual status of water rights possessed by California Indian tribes and public domain allotment owners to evaluate and prioritize the needs of California Indians for the protection and development of their water resources.

A Historical Assessment

It examines the history of dealings between the federal government and California Indians and goes into detail about the legal context concerning Indian water rights, including Winters Rights, Statutory Reservations, and Trust Lands of Unterminated Tribes.

Practical Applications

The study also explores the Marketability of Indian Water Rights, the Protection and Assertion of Indian Reserve Rights in a Mixed System, and strategies for tribes to secure and protect their water rights.

A Case Study For The Future

Finally, the study concluded with a case study of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and various recommendations for future work.

Our Work Continues

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