Join The CILS Team And Become A Part Of The Legacy

Diversity and dedication are the strength of our organization. Every role serves a critical purpose in fulfilling our mission to California’s Tribal peoples.


CILS is defined by its trailblazing, passionate attorneys who have taken cases all the way to the United States Supreme Court in their mission to defend and preserve American Indian rights and sovereignty. We seek individuals who are driven by a desire and dedication to providing noble service for justice.

The Value Of This Role

Assist Tribes with foundational issues of sovereignty.

Make a difference in the lives of Native Americans in need of aid.

Develop unrivaled expertise in Federal Indian Law alongside long-time practitioners.

Legal Interns, Law Clerks & Fellowships

CILS has a long and proud history of serving as the training ground for Native American legal specialists who have gone on to influence law, policy, and impact Indian Country for the greater good across the United States.

The Value Of This Role

Work alongside experienced attorneys.

Gain first-hand experience handling legal cases.

Make a positive impact in the lives of CA American Indians & tribes.

Legal Advocates & Support Staff

The work we do intersects with the daily lives and challenges of Native Americans across the state, and we see it as our duty to aid them in navigating the many complexities of our social systems, and ensuring that Native Americans receive the services and care they deserve.

The Value Of This Role

Serve as the first point of contact for individuals
and Tribes seeking aid.

Provide meaningful support to Native community members.

Deepen your skills in working with California’s social and legal services.

Principal Office Roles

A strong administrative team is essential to meeting all our client needs. The essential coordinating roles at our principal office allow us to fulfill our mission of advancing Indian rights and providing high-quality legal services to those who seek trusted expertise in federal Indian law, policy and legislation.

The Value Of This Role

Play an essential role in achieving justice for Native communities.

Support the infrastructure of a mission-driven organization.

Contribute to and learn from an experienced and dedicated team.

How To Join Our Team

A Native-serving organization could not be complete without its community members. Throughout the years we have provided opportunities for Native communities across the state to participate in and support the programs we arrange for the communities we serve.

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