A noteworthy milestone

Today marks Dorothy Alther’s 23rd anniversary with CILS.  Dorothy is a veteran of CILS and a true asset to our program.  Her positive relationships with CILS’ tribal clients, her wealth of knowledge in Indian law, and her endless energy demonstrate her commitment to the betterment of Indian country in California and nationwide.  Her recent efforts in the areas of California tribal law enforcement have begun a wave of resurgence among California tribes to assert their authority in the area of tribal police and to question BIA and other state and federal agencies policies and procedures in dealing with California tribes and their inherent jurisdiction.  Dorothy’s achievements warrant more than we can write here, so please keep a look out on our Escondido staff page and Pierce-Hickerson Award story and photo for more about Dorothy and her tenure with CILS.  A sincere congratulations and thank you to you, Dorothy, for your part in making CILS the outstanding law firm we are today.  Photo courtesy of NLADA.