1. Birth Records Self-Help Kit (pdf) Note: This link opens the entire 132 page booklet. Some users have experienced problems when using certain browsers such as Mozilla.  Depending upon the browser you are using you may wish to download individual sections of the booklet for faster access.

(How Native American Adoptees Can Get Their Birth Records in California)

This guide explains what you need to do if you were adopted and you think you are Native American and you live in California and/or were born in California and you want to enroll in your tribe.

2. What is a California Caregivers Affidavit? (pdf)
(How a relative can enroll a child in school & obtain medical care for a child)

This guide can help you if you live with a child, but you aren’t the parent and you don’t have legal custody. It explains how to fill out a Caregiver’s Authorization

Affidavit form and use it to:

  • enroll the child in school
  • help the child get medical care

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • A California Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit form;
  • A Jurat form (for a notary to sign);
  • A “List of People Who Have a Copy of the Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit.”

3. What is an Indian Custodian? (pdf) (Defines Indian Custodian under the Indian Child Welfare Act)

This guide explains what an Indian custodian is. It also explains what responsibilities and rights Indian custodians have. This guide can help you if you are an Indian custodian or you need to become one. This guide can also help you if you are an Indian parent and you think you want someone else to be an Indian custodian for your child. An Indian Custodian Form (“Designation of Indian Custodian”) is attached for you to use.