Message from the Executive Director

Devon L. Lomayesva, Executive Director
With the arrival of 2012, CILS prepares to celebrate our 45th anniversary of service to the California Indian community.  With planning well under way, CILS is developing a 45th Anniversary Gala to commemorate the breadth and impact of our services to thousands of California natives and dozens of tribes and organizations over our proud history.  We have tentatively planned for a Fall 2012 event.  Please stay in touch with us for further details as they unfold.  CILS is on the web and Facebook

The new year also brings cuts to our core funding. The Legal Services Corporation has reduced our funding by nearly 15% and other funders are likely to follow. However, CILS is committed to maintaining our level of services and even hopes to increase services in certain areas. We have reached out to tribes and native organizations to develop partnerships that will bring in those needed resources.  CILS will continue to strive to diversify our funding and looks forward to much progress and success in the delivery of Indian legal services to California tribes, organizations, and individuals. CILS also plans to accomplish a comprehensive needs assessment of our tribal community to ensure we are delivering the types and levels of legal services needed most by our tribal communities. We look forward to a variety of tribal participation during this effort.

Thank you to everyone who supported our 2011 Fall Fundraising Campaign and 45th Anniversary planning campaign, to date.  It is never too late to support CILS. Please visit our website for more information on how to support CILS with a contribution.

A very happy and prosperous new year to our client community and supporters!