IMPORTANT NOTICE— the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) is expanding the Tribal Access Program (TAP), which allows qualified tribes to access national crime databases for both criminal and civil purposes.  The TAP program is being implemented in phases with the current phase open to tribes who authorize the enforcement of tribal criminal law or who hold a Deputation Agreement with the Office of Justice Service.  The TAP program will allow tribal law enforcement access to criminal background information on criminal detainees and suspects and also allow tribal agencies to request, through the tribal police department, criminal information for non-criminal purposes such background checks for staff, housing applicants, and potential foster care placements for dependent children.  Please see the attached announcement for more information on the TAP’s scope, expansion, and requirements.

There is a deadline of December 2, 2016 for tribes to apply for the TAP program.  CILS is encouraging all qualified tribes interested in accessing criminal information for criminal and non-criminal purposes to consider applying.  While DOJ may not have the resources to approve all tribes seeking the TAP program,  an outpour of application from California tribes will demonstrate the need for greater access and for future funding to continue the program’s expansion.

The DOJ’s TAP website also lists a series of webinars, to provide information to tribes considering the TAP, on the below dates and times (Eastern time).  They ask that tribes email to sign up for these webinars or to join the TAP listserv for future information/announcements.

Tuesday, October 25 at 11 am EST

Thursday, October 27 at 2 pm EST

Monday, October 31 at 1 pm EST

Wednesday, November 2 at 10 am EST

Tuesday, November 22, at 3 pm EST

Monday, November 28, at 11 am EST

Thank you for your support!  If you have any questions, please contact Jedd Parr at or (916) 978-0960 x 308.