To All Tribal Leaders:

As an Addendum to the December 5, 2018, Tribal Alert, I have received several calls and emails from tribes with questions on what was needed to authorize a tribe’s consent to the amicus brief.

I contacted the NARF attorneys Dan Lewerenz at and Erin Dougherty Lynch at, and they informed me of the following:

No formal resolution or letter from the Tribe is necessary unless the Tribe’s policies require that.  All we need is:

(1) An email with a statement from an authorized individual (chairman, president, attorney general, etc.) or body (council, executive, etc.) asking NARF to add the Tribe as a signatory on the brief; and

(2) The full and correct spelling of the Tribe’s name, as it should appear on the brief.

We hope this answers some of your questions; if not, please contact the NARF attorneys directly or Dorothy Alther at or 760-746-8941, or any CILS office for more information.