It is with great enthusiasm that we share with you the new logo for CILS, which was completed in March. We had the privilege of collaborating with the gifted artist Carl Avery, whose distinctive graffiti-inspired style incorporates Native American iconography and motifs. The logo’s stunning design left us in awe, and we believe it represents a fresh and exciting phase for CILS, brimming with potential and possibilities as we enter a new era.  

Carl’s work is strongly influenced by his Yurok upbringing on the Hoopa reservation. The culture and traditional objects he grew up seeing have provided him with a solid foundation. Through this foundation, he envisions a simpler time with less technology and minimal outside influence. His artwork typically features earth tones and avoids the artificial colors prevalent in modern society. Currently, Carl is delving into what he refers to as his “graffiti style,” which entails the use of vivid hues and geometric patterns. His creative output has been displayed on an array of canvases, ranging from murals to motorcycles. If his artwork looks familiar, you may recognize it as the imagery selected for California Native American Day in 2022. 

The remarkable logo that Carl crafted for us has made us incredibly proud to share it with you. It encapsulates the very heart and significance of CILS, our rich history, and our noble cause. We are deeply grateful for the cultural significance that the logo holds. The flicker headband is representative of many tribal cultural groups who dance them in ceremonies in various regions of California; the Scales of Justice represents the law as a tool to fight for tribal communities; and the baskets are Northern and Southern California design styles show our expansive service area, and the entire state is overlayed with a well-known basket design that unites us. By updating our logo in this way, we hope to demonstrate our deep respect and commitment to tribal people. Carl’s exceptional talent has gifted us with a culturally significant emblem that accurately represents our organization’s commitment to tribal communities statewide.  


For more information regarding Carl’s work, visit or email