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Amicus Brief Filing

Amicus Brief Signature Collection

About Our Amicus Practice

Our amicus practice also involves outreach by collecting tribal signatures supporting amicus briefs being filed by tribes or national Indian organizations before Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court in addition to filing briefs and arguing cases at the California Supreme Court on ICWA matters that impact California tribes

Native American Rights Fund’s Supreme Court Project

CILS is proud to participate in the Native American Rights Fund’s Supreme Court Project when cases involving critical Indian law precedents are at risk of being overturned or when Indian or tribal rights need to be established by the Court.

The Impact of Our Amicus Filings

Our attorneys have filed amicus briefs on behalf of tribal clients or galvanized California tribes to sign on to national amicus briefs in the areas of the ICWA (several cases), tribal law enforcement, application of the National Labor Relations Act to tribal gaming facilities, and tribal jurisdiction over non-Indian fee lands within the boundaries of an Indian reservation.


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