Community Education and Presentations

CILS provides tribal community educational presentation on a variety of topics such as:

American Indian Probate Reform Act

    • Simple Estate Planning

Cultural Resource Protection-State and Federal Law

    • Tribal Consultation Under State and Federal Law
    • NAGPRA

Domestic Violence Code Development

    • Code Development
    • Enforcement of Tribal Court DV Orders

Economic Development


Expanded Jurisdiction

Indian Child Welfare Act

    • Introduction to ICWA and BIA Regulations
    • Qualified Expert Witness
    • Active Efforts
    • Criminal Background Checks
    • Tribal Customary Adoptions
    • ICWA Advocate Training

Indian Civil Rights Act

Marijuana Cultivation in Indian Country

Public Law 280 Jurisdiction

    • Introduction to PL 280
    • Policing in a PL 280 State
    • Regulatory Jurisdiction

Retrocession and Re-Assumption of Federal Jurisdiction Under the TLOA

Section 184-Federal Guarantee Home Loan Program

Tribal Court Development

    • Training Tribal Court Advocates

Tribal Law Enforcement Development

Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA)