1. What is the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)? (pdf)
(Basic guide for parents and Indian families about the ICWA)

This guide explains what the Indian Child Welfare Act is, why it was passed, and how it applies in California. If you’re a parent or Indian custodian, this guide can help you decide if ICWA applies to your situation, and explains what your rights are if ICWA does apply. It also explains what rights tribes have in your case, if ICWA applies.

2. What is an Indian Custodian? (pdf) (How an individual can be considered an Indian Custodian under the Indian Child Welfare Act. Includes form)

This guide explains what an Indian custodian is. It also explains what responsibilities and rights Indian custodians have. This guide can help you if you are an Indian custodian or you need to become one. This guide can also help you if you are an Indian parent and you think you want someone else to be an Indian custodian for your child. An Indian Custodian Form (“Designation of Indian Custodian”) is attached for you to use.