Sharing is a Native American tradition. We invite you to participate in this tradition by contributing to CILS. With your support, CILS can continue to achieve justice on behalf of Native Americans.

Right Now a Native Woman is Being Victimized.

California Indian Legal Services in partnership with Strong Hearted Native Women’s Coalition initiates legal assistance for victims of domestic violence. We incorporate holistic, comprehensive and culturally appropriate support for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking in San Diego County.

Our program supplies safety plans, crisis intervention assistance, danger assessments, and restraining order assistance to meet victims emergency and immediate needs.

We work with Native American victims’ advocacy programs and tribes to build a better response to violence with our tribal communities. We also provide tribal governments with a legal strategy for the development of their laws that will assist with victim services, response, and accountability of perpetrators.

Please make a donation so Native victims get the legal help they need.