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Historical Perspective: CILS’ Protection of Tribal Court Sovereignty

By Debra Avenmarg, CILS Eureka Office Staff Attorney Over the years, CILS has played an important role in defending Tribal Court jurisdiction and sovereignty. One particular case that illustrates the importance of protecting Tribal Court orders from intrusion by state courts is the case of In re M.M. (2007) 154 Cal.App.4th 897. In re M.M.: […]

Tribal Elections 101 – Consider the Following When Updating Tribal Election Laws and Regulations

By Denise Bareilles, CILS Eureka Office Directing Attorney I have had the pleasure of working closely with several Tribes in administering tribal elections.  It is an interesting area of tribal law that constantly presents new issues for tribal self-governance. Consider the information below when updating Tribal Election laws and regulations. Does the Tribe’s Constitutional Framework […]

Restoring the Voting Rights Act: Protecting the Native American and Alaska Native Vote

By Sheila Quinlan, CILS Escondido Office Staff Attorney Early November is election season nationwide.  While blatant, state-sanctioned barriers to voting for Native Americans ended more than 50 years ago, many barriers—whether intentional or accidental—still hamper access to voting for many native communities.  In some places, ill-intentioned state legislatures take advantage of structural deficiencies in Indian […]