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By Mark Vezzola, CILS Escondido office Directing Attorney CILS wishes everyone a happy and safe Pride month! The month-long collection of events, flag-waving, and parade floats is meant to celebrate and honor who we are and show support for our clients, friends, staff, and allies who do not identify with traditional ideas of gender or […]

Mythical Indian Benefits

By Denise H. Bareilles, CILS Eureka office Acting Directing Attorney For the last ten years, I have enjoyed working with tribal communities and assisting Native Americans and tribal governments in advancing Indian rights, fostering Indian self-determination, and facilitating tribal nation building. It has been interesting and surprising when I hear common stereotypes repeated about “Indians” […]

Sacramento CILS Office Highlights

By Jedd Parr, CILS Sacramento office Directing Attorney Here are a few examples of the good work from our Sacramento office: We gave an ICWA training on April 28, 2021, to Butte, Yuba, and Tehama Counties, and several local tribes. About 40 people attended via Zoom. Similar training was given for Tulare County and local […]

“Knowledge is Power”: CILS’ Focus on Tribal Community Education

By Dorothy Alther, CILS Executive Director Federal Indian law is complex and is a highly specialized area of legal practice. Lawyers outside the practice of Indian law, including state and federal court judges, are often as confused as the public at large on the maze of jurisdictional laws and regulations that govern in Indian Country. […]