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Cultural Resources

What Should I Do if I Find Native American Human Remains, Artifacts, or Other Cultural Resources on My Private Property? (basic information for private landowners regarding their duties when locating Native American artifacts or human remains upon their property.) This guide explains defines cultural resources and provides a summary of the law for landowners who find […]

Indian Taxation

1. State Income Tax and Native Americans. Provides a broad overview of common issues encountered by Native Americans with regards to California state income taxes. This guide offers a broad overview of the current state taxation laws for individuals. Your individual circumstances must be taken into consideration before you can be sure that your income […]

Trust Assets and Probate

1. What is the American Indian Probate Reform Act (AIPRA)?(pdf) (Guide to understand the effect of the AIPRA for those with or without a Will) This guide provides information on the American Indian Probate Reform Act (also known as “AIPRA”) and how that law affects Indian trust lands (or allotments). While this guide does not […]

State Court Forms

For the latest State Court Fee Waiver forms and information, visit the California Courts’ Website fee waiver page at: http://www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-feewaiver.htm   In most cases, you have to pay a fee to file papers with the court. The fees are uniform in all 58 California counties (except for Riverside, San Bernardino and San Francisco counties, where fees […]

Indian Child Welfare

1. What is the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)? (pdf) (Basic guide for parents and Indian families about the ICWA) This guide explains what the Indian Child Welfare Act is, why it was passed, and how it applies in California. If you’re a parent or Indian custodian, this guide can help you decide if ICWA […]