Ninth Circuit Allows Bishop Paiute Law Enforcement Case to Proceed

Today the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals handed a victory to the Bishop Paiute Tribe in its federal suit against Inyo County, the County Sheriff, and District Attorney.  The lower district court dismissed the Tribe’s law suit against the defendants on July 13, 2015, for lack of jurisdiction finding there was no “justiciable case and controversy.”  The Tribe appealed the lower court’s dismissal, and today the 9th Circuit reversed and remanded the case to lower court allowing the Tribe to move forward on the merits.  Please see the decision for a complete summary of the facts and procedural history of the Tribe’s law suit leading up to appeal.

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“Wrong Application” for Conducting Criminal Background Checks

If your tribe has been approved for conducting Criminal Background Checks under SB 1460 and are providing Live Scans on reservation or you are in the process of obtaining 1460 approval and intend to conduct Live Scans, you must complete the attached application. Tribes were inadvertently provided the incorrect application (PSP) by the Department of Justice and are being requested to complete the new application.

New APP Agency LSSP Application Packet.3.9.17