Handbooks and Training Materials on the Following Topics:


Tribal Criminal Background Check Handbook

Download the following forms for use:

MOU for Tribes to Conduct Background Checks

TAH Tribal Policy and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions


BIA Regulations

BIA Regulations Handbook


Tribal Customary Adoption

Tribal Customary Adoption Handbook


Tribal ICWA Advocate Training

Tribal ICWA Advocate Training Handbook


ICWA Training Webinars

This ICWA Webinar Series is designed to provide tribes with the training resources and expertise on dependency law, BIA regulations, CA Supreme Court ICWA cases updates, and concurrent jurisdiction and ICWA.


Click on the YouTube logo to go to the CILS Channel featuring an ICWA advocate training webinar series.

These training and support materials are provided through the support of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).